Another good week

April 25 2005

The first week back at the academy had been a good one (I was Singing ma song, even). Of course, I could only hope for something similar for the second week. Well, its been an extremely fast one (mainly because I followed very little class, and only worked for half a day), but also a good one (with lots o basketball).

On Monday, I would start early with the typography class of Huug Schipper, but like I sort of predicted the night before I stayed home. That is to say; I didnt go to the academy or my internship job I did attend ADHD, doe er wat mee!.

The next day, Tuesday (and Jarons birthday), classes would start in the afternoon. I managed to be a bit late, still, but that didnt matter as I had to wait for hours untill both of my projects were finally discussed with the respective professors. The conclusion in both cases was the same: the concept is good, but the actual production needs a lot of work. (Story of my life, eh?)

Since it had already become rather late, there was little point in going to the studio of my internship. That, in combination with the fact that the weather was great, made me decide to head home and play some street basketball. I had originally planned to pay the birthday boy that was Jaron a visit later that day, by both my mind as my stomach didnt show to be in the mood. I promised Jaron to pay him a more private visit the next day.

That next day, Wednesday, I would normally have class of Dumbar (I have no idea what the name of the course is supposed to be; everybody even the other teachers seem to refer to it as Dumbar class), but that class was cancelled for whatever reason. I played basketball all day (after waking up late), and payed Jaron as promised a visit at night. The visit wouldnt turn out to be that private: a shared friend that I hadnt seen for ages was already there. We had a lot of (silly) fun just like in the old days and I eventually took the last tram home.

Some hours later, my letter design class would start. I think I actually was on time, kinda sorta, and the class as always was both productively informative as awefully silly. My letter needs work. The letter design class was directly followed by art history. Interesting as usual, but my mind was more on the bright blue sky outside this time. The only thing that helped me through it was that the sun screens were down. (This in order to make the dia presentation visable.) Surely, the rest of the day was spent playing basketball.

Friday, I would normally start early again. Its Petrs design class, followed by his Python course, but that too was canceled. (Actually, a visit to the Graphic Design Day had been planned in the place of regular class, but that was in Amsterdam, and Im still not too fond of traveling.) I decided to stay home in the morning, and attend my internship job in the afternoon. Afterwards: basketball. (No, this doesnt get boring.)

The next day, Saturday, the weather was absolutely perfect. It was hot, crazy hot, but not too stifling. I decided to go to Tarm 2 Court, where lots of players can be expected with this kind of weather. This day was no exception: there were probably about thirty people on and around the court.

Minutes after I had arrived, the game that had been going one was finished, and I was immidiately asked to join. We lost the game (in which I got into a little arguement with one of my teammates who then approached me as if he were to punch my face in, but eventually admitted I was right). Even though I came from a losing team and many people were waiting on the sideline I was asked to play again.

Even though I think I was playing pretty avarage, tops (ok, I diched out a couple of very nice passes, but that is the least to expect from me), people kept asking me on their teams, untill I finally decided to call quits after having played eight games straight. By that time I was dizzy and trembling on my feet (not to mention starting to shoot air-balls). I watched two more games from the side-line, was asked to play again, but decided to head home.

After drinking several liters, and eating a lot, I went outside to play some more basketball (crazy, I know). Surprisingly enough, I felt very energetic, and it was going very well. After having played for a couple of extra hours, I headed home again, took a shower, got dressed, and headed into town. (To go dancing yes, I am being my insane old self again.)

I had been invited by two friends from the academy, and had been looking forward to attending a BAF (Drum & Bass, Electro, Breaks, Tekno) party at One Four. (I had never attended one before, but I heard good things about it.) We didnt stay untill very late (compared to what I used to do anyway), but I had a great time, just like the weekend before. Yay for me.

The next day, I felt okay, but was seriously lacking energy. This in contrast with the day before. When I went outside to play basketball again, I noticed the contrast in weather was about equally as big, and probably directly related to it. This day (or afternoon, at least), was extremely stifling. At first I thought it was me and my adventures of the night before but the other people on the court seemed to have an extremely hard time to move their body, too.

Im not sure whether the sun had affected my brain too, but I could have sworn I counted a total of six extremely cute girls walking by in the few hours I spent on the court. The number might not seem impressive, but for this neighborhood, it sure is.