Singing ma song

April 18 2005

Oh Lord I feel fine today. Im walking on cloud nine today. Im over that line today. Happiness is finally mine today.

Im not a religious person, but the text seemed appropriate the past few days. So Ive been singing it. Plus, its been stuck in my head, so I dont really have much of a choice.

Friday was was the last day of my first week back at the academy since my internship. The only class of the day would be design of Petr van Blokland. When I arrived (a bit late), Petr was in the midst of presenting examples of how his home-bred cms works in practice.

The presentation turned out to be a long, but most interesting one. There wasnt a whole lot of specific news for me personally, but it was a source of inspiration for my own cms project that has been breeding in my mind for about a decade now as a whole.

After regular class, Petr would normally turn to a ?voluntary Python course, but unfortunately a meeting had been set for him. I was able to ask a rather specific question, though. He provided some direction and promised to get into (more) detail about next week.

Given the fact I now had the rest of the day off, I decided to go to Vorm Vijf to work on their site a little. When I walked up the stairs, I overheard them talking about who it could be. The ceo said: Thats Sander; I can hear pink. Quite amazingly, I was wearing a pink tie and pink shoes.

After several hours of working on the site, I wished everybody a nice weekend (implying I will return, still), and headed home, walking. The weather was nice, and I felt quite energetic even though I had been to the academy, and to work. I decided to put on some basketball gear, and play some street basketball.

I played for several hours straight, and it was going great. Like, amazingly great I was hitting most of my shots, I was inventing dribbles on the fly, and my air-time was awesome. Too bad there werent many ballers around.

When I finally got home, my mom made me dinner, and showed a whole lot of pictures from the past. Not much later, some friends asked me to join them for drinks in town, in order to celebrate Elviras twenty-second. I got a shower, changed back in my pink and black outfit, and headed to the Zwarte Ruiter.

I felt a tiny bit anxious on my way there, but from the point I arrived, I had a great time. It was great to be with my buddies, and it was great to be back in my favorite pub. Just like old times I even had a whiskey (Glen



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