November 20 2004

Everybody seems to have one of these. Could this be the next OHamburgefonstiv? The next The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog maybe? The next Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet even? Anyway; this is mine.

So what happend?

Well, I've been a big fan of Unicode, and utf-8 specifically. I've been serving pages with that encoding for some time now.

However, Movable Type (the cms that co-powers this site) didn't play nicely with my beloved characters: it was molesting such beauty as ? and ? into ugly numeric entities as ☮ and ☯ before storing them in the database ?. Browsers were rendering them the same, so it might seem trivial, but it's really not: some (default) files like the rss feed would more or less choke on it, and trackbacks to external sites left ugliness all around. Also, it's a pain to manage, and that's not a good property of a cms.

I had been keeping up with this for quite a while (I'm pretty sure I've tried to fix it before, and failed); but tonight, when I was editing my Kees van Drongelen page and the header text ??? ???? ???



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