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Returning at 41, 42, 43, respectively

September 23 2004
Michael Jordan.

Now I guess it hits me that I'm not going to be in a uniform anymore — and that's not a terrible feeling. It's something that I've come to grips with, and it's time. This is the final retirement.

…those are the opening words on Michael Jordan Official Website. But wait, we've heard that one before … and again. This time though—with MJ aged 41—it seemed very unlikely to me he would break this statement yet again … untill I read this:

Apparently, for some, fortifying the Heat with Shaquille O'Neal isn't enough. So Wednesday brought the offseason's third round of rumors linking Michael Jordan to Stan Van Gundy's team.

Jordan-to-Heat rumors come back again, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Perhaps he was inspired by two similar (equally bizarre) stories from Denver as of late:

Clyde Drexler.
The Clyde

Drexler, 42, said Thursday he might consider returning to the NBA and lists the Nuggets as a possibility. The 10-time all-star who retired in 1998 was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame last weekend.

Drexler ponders possible return, DenverPost.com
Dennis Rodman.
The Worm

Rodman, 43, joined a scrimmage at the Nuggets' Pepsi Center practice facility Tuesday but was limited to one game after succumbing to an ingrown toenail on each of his big toes, according to his agent, Darren Prince. Rodman had the nails trimmed at a local hospital, Prince said.

Rodman might get another look-see, DenverPost.com

I'm not sure whether I should be happy about seeing some of my favorite players of all time returning to the game at that age, but if they do; it raises hope for my own future. I mean, that would mean I've got 20 more years to make it to the NBA.

R.I.P. Andre Hazes

September 23 2004

Dutch volk and blues singer André Hazes passed away due to cardiac arrest this morning at age 53. He was taken into hospital on Tuesday; his condition appeared stable untill last night.

Somewhat ironically, it's the birthdate of fellow blues singer Ray Charles (who passed away a little over three months ago).


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