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Happy Birthday, css Zen Garden

May 7 2004

One year ago today, Mezzoblue author Dave Shea presented his baby to the world — the css Zen Garden was born.

Not of legal age to drink or drive by a long shot, it's influence has been irreplaceable already. It's been Exhibit CSS to prove those who claimed/believed CSS stands for Creativity Stop Sign wrong. Besides that, it's been a source of inspiration to those who practice webdesign themselves. Not in the last place does this apply to yours truly, hence my participation.

I have to admit I wasn't really aware of the upcomming of this event (and apparently I wasn't the only one), so I didn't have the time to head into town and find a nice present, so I leave you with a sneak preview of what I started working on a few months ago (note the emphasize on started).

Thanks, Dave, for initiating this wonderfull project — which I truly believe has helped the web standards evangelism a great deal — and thanks, all those great webdesigners who have participated and made the Garden blossom as it has and will.


May 7 2004

The weather was good today. I was looking forward to play some serious 'ball outside. First I went to Bakkersplein to pick up Enrique and together we got on the tram to Tram 2 Court. On the tram, Enrique told me that he's been selected most promosing player of the Netherlands. I think it would have been weird if he would not been selected; after all, who else is going to train with an NBA team this year?

Usually there's quite a lot of players at Tram 2 Court, and sometimes good ones too, but today there was none of that. There were maybe 4 or 5 players, but they weren't really that good. We played three on three for a couple of minutes, but then Enrique and I got bored and we quit. Then there were some games one on one, but that was even more annoying. I played one game against some 16-year-old and lost... not that I put in any effort what so ever. Enrique and I decided to go back to Bakkersplein.

When we arrived at Bakkersplein the court was crowded with people playing soccer some we knew, some we did not. There was no room left to play basketball, so we decided to go to the (crappy but functional) Jenny Plantsoen court. Halfway there, I decided I didn't feel like playing anyway and we both went home.

Well, that was a world of suck what's next? I got home and I told my mom I was crumpy. She says what else is new? Funny. Har har.

Anyway. before I had gone out to play basketball (which turned out to be a failed attempt), Dan-Vi had asked me if I would be up for drinks and perhaps some dancing later at night. Around this time she called me to ask whether I was still on. I said I would take a shower, get dressed, and head towards town. I took said shower, then felt like shit. Down and anxious; not really the kind of mindset that makes one want to socialize and boogie. Bah. I send out an SMS to tell I wasn't comming.

I got in some comfi' clothes and played some NBA Inside Drive 2004 in an attempt to stop the mounting anxiety and, well, relax. A pretty successfull attempt, I'd say — I feel a lot better now. It saddens me that I didn't get to spend time with my friends, but I'm glad I stayed in. By the way, Kevin Garnett kicks even more ass in this game than he does in real life (which is a lot). Perhaps because, in the game, I'm the point guard. *grin*

In between games I've also been world wide webbing (also known as browsing) a little. In this process I stumbled upon the following:


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