ACJ’s Art

Most of my more recent work is either a statement about an existing artwork or about art itself, or the visual result is derived through a process which I do not fully control (leaving room for my art to display something that I have never seen). I like to refer to this as meta-art.


Currently working on The Greatest Work of Art! (No, seriously.)


At some point, my philosophical views of the world left no room for the existence of art. Ironically, I was studying at the Royal Academy of Art at the time. I decided to write a thesis on the subject, called Neo-estheticisme. The thesis contained a manifest, which later evolved into Neo-æstheticism.


Older works, archived by year (or decade).


Some things I do that one might also consider to be art.



Some art related projects. Also see my projects.


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Apart from my own, I also own work by the following artist: