National Day of PrSlayer

June 6 2006

6.6.06 isn't a date that comes around very often (once per millennium, to be exact), and while plenty of stupid horror movies and terrible albums will be released for the hype value of the day that bears "the number of the beast", we here at NDoS decided that this would be a perfect day for Hessians across the country to come together and engage in something upon which we can all agree - listening to Slayer! Also, do you really want those evangelical Neo-Cons to have all the fun with their "National Day of Prayer"?

No, I do not, but � once every century, surely?



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I'm more excited about The Omen coming out in the states. It looks pretty good from the previews.

Posted by: James on June 7, 2006, at 02:49


I even haven't mentioned that date... I don't like such movies like OMEN.

Posted by: Alice on July 13, 2006, at 12:59