Ninety footer

March 3 2006

When I went to play basketball in the afternoon, it wasn�t going too well. I didn�t have a lot of energy and that caused me to make a lot of turnovers and missing easy buckets. I even lost a game of one-on-one against one of my young apprentices. At one point I got rather frustrated with myself and my game (or lack there of), I threw up the ball, said I wanted to die, and kicked the ball to the other side of the court when it bounced of the ground.


That�s right, I hit a 90 footer � literally. I smiled to the kid who was sitting at the sideline � now with his jaw hanging to the ground �, said I was joking about wanting to die, that God had been playing a prank with me, and that my life is perfect.



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I have sometimes such days when everything simply falls out of my hands and I do not manage to step over the threshold, leaving alone the attempts to play basketball or anything else. These days, as far as I noticed that it was that very odd day, I am trying to do nothing that can be of danger, I am sitting at home in the evening and keep away from electricity :) But be sure such days are succeeded by good ones.

Posted by: Marina on November 28, 2006, at 16:22