Looks like I gots me a new default browser

February 1 2006

Okay, maybe not exactly new: it just picked up where Mozilla Application Suite left off. I�m loving SeaMonkey already, though: it�s like the best of both worlds (meaning the uncontinued Mozilla Application Suite and the lightweight flagship Firefox).

Just like with Mozilla Application Suite, you get a web browser; mail client; and address book (and a composer and irc client) in one. You also get the Site Navigator Bar, natively (I think you still have to enable it, though). Oh, how I missed those things in Firefox!

As with Firefox, there is native support for some svg (Scalable Vector Graphics), more advanced css (Cascading Style Sheets) like cursor: url() and outline, and even some wa1 (Web Applications 1.0) like xht:canvas. Oh, how I missed those things in Mozilla Application Suite!

On top of this, it throws a couple of new goodies in the mix! Rearrangeable tabs; automated shortcut icons for image files; allowing pop-ups to open in a new tab in the current window; and more. Just when I was considering switching to Opera, Mozilla redefines our friendship with something that appears to be named after tiny little water bugs.



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Posted by: James on February 2, 2006, at 04:18