What the font?

June 19 2005

Tonight � while I was working on the ToTravel project � I opened the fonts folder of my Windows install, in order to check a filename. Shortly after, I saw the fonts change on all applications. Then, when I want to close the fonts folder, it said the application was not responding. Trouble.

I closed all running applications, and rebooted the system, but it would still display the wrong fonts � even the folder labels, that became nearly unreadable. I then opened the fonts folder again, and I witnessed the fonts pop back to normal. Great news, of course, but there appear to be clitches: some things appear to be displayed in different fonts, still, and the bold version of Verdana seems to work in PhotoShop, but not in Mozilla.

Admittedly, I do have a lot of fonts installed, but they�re not of the louche type that you download for free, and they have been there for a long time. Still, my guess is that (at least) one of the font files is corrupted. However, I cannot just throw them all out because I need them for my assignments.

Any thoughts on what I could do?


Oh, and Suitcase goes all philosophical on my ass. Yeah, that really helps a lot.

Suitcase alert: �Some font(s) cannot be
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