I gots San Andreas

June 16 2005

Like I insinuated in yesterday�s posting ? I need San Andreas ? I got me a copy of gta San Andreas today, and ? apart from having a drink in town, and get some new basketball gear ? playing it has been what I�ve been doing for the rest of the day.

The first few minutes were a bit tacky as Rockstar Games turned everything upside down from gta Vice City (quite literally � the default behavior of the up and down keys are swapped), but it wasn�t too long untill I was finding my way on the streets (read: beating up people at random).

A friend of mine once said that I am Tommy Versetti � well, guess who�s playing the leading role in this follow-up title.

Welcome to Pimp my Ride with � Jaron.

Apart from dressing (and buffing) up (down?) my character, and beating up homeless people and elderly women, I encountered the first glitches: (Granted, this only happend after I had been �alt-tabbing� between the game and various other applications I had running.)

Screenshot of glitch where CJ�s body texture is stretched over the viewport.
CJ�s all around.

�and ? of course ? the first time I check my stats, the ever returning number 22 and 8 are bothering again.

Screenshot from the statistics.
80 2:22 8.

Oh, and we all know basketball is ma thang. ?

Screenshot of CJ after hitting a shot from down town.
2 Pointer? Distance 21.7m

So far, the longer I play it; the more I like it. Anything new I�ve got to share from this game will from now one is likely to go to my all new San Andreas page, rather than to my weblog, though. I�ll be off generating content for that page now.



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I wants it too... Those are some kick-ass screenshots. You need Flickr!

Posted by: Mathias Bynens on June 17, 2005, at 17:34


Thanks, maar

Posted by: ACJ on June 18, 2005, at 00:26


Flickr rocks, en het lijkt mij prachtig om een soort GTA San Andreas pool te beginnen! *hint*

Posted by: Mathias Bynens on June 18, 2005, at 09:06