Firsts Again

September 14 2004

Monday Morning

Yesterday was my first Monday Morning in a long time. (Shrug!) Of course, I didn't get enough sleep; of course, I had difficulty getting up; and of course, I arrived at school a bit late.

The last part bothered me the least. Not that I don't care about the Academy, or dislike the teacher Bram Simons—but I've already successfully participated this course. The only reason I bothered going to this class was to show my face, and to discuss whether I could fill in the course alternatively this time, so i wouldn't be wasting my time.

While Bram was introducing the course to the new students of our class, Roos and I were thinking of nice ways to fill in this course. Then Jurriaan pointed out what the new KABK site looks like. No offense to the people of NLXL, but … Dayumn! Table layout hacks? Browser sniffing? Pink to orange gradients? I'm not even mentioning the overall usability and accessbility.

Right there and then, the idea was born to make the redesign of the Academy website the objective of this course for us—students repeating the year—as a collective group. We called Bram over in order to discuss the matter with him. His response was along the lines of please do! followed by a series of annoyances with the current site he'd experienced himself. He seemed really enthousiastic, and so were we.

After Bram's class and some free time, we had the first class of Casper's dad; Huug Schipper. Untill then, I only knew Huug from Casper's parties: now I also know him like an inspiring designer/teacher of whom I'm eager to learn.

The class was fun and interesting. I even hung around with him and a couple of my friends when the rest of the students was long gone. At a certain point I drifted away on my own thoughts, my vision blurred, I tried to reconquer focus on reality, but found extreme difficult, panicked, tried to snap out of it, found difficulty again, but then luckaly succeeded with a spur of colt sweat and a head rush. Damnit. I hope this shit will stop if when I get my bio-rythm on track.

Today Tuesday

Today I had the opportunity to catch up on some lack of sleep, as classes didn't start untill 1. Somehow, though, I managed to oversleep and arrive at the Academy late. The teacher, Gijsbert Dijker, didn't seem to mind though. He actually welcomed me back, and explained and discussed the assignment he had given out earlier to me in private. Another assignment I'm quite excited about.

After Gijsbert's class (Graphic Design), we had one more class to attend, being Peter Bosma's Film History in the auditorium. The film he showed there was pretty interesting, but the commentor in the film had the most monotone voice ever, it was dark, and freaking late. I nearly fell asleep (and I wasn't the only one at that). Roos and I decided to not sit the thing out, and headed home.

On our way, Roos received a message about an incident at the train station. It appeared somebody had drenched him or herself with gasoline, and threatened to set fire on self. We went to the station anyway, but all we saw there were the police, fire fighters, ambulances, and trains standing still. We were adviced to take the tram to a nearby station and take a train there. I brought Roos to the tram she needed and took a tram home myself.

This night, I would attend a traning at the Jumpers for the first time (again), but that didn't work out (again): the rain, wind, and thunder kept me locked inside the house. I used this unfortunate event for another premier: I picked up my guitar again for the first time in months (and was surprised I can still play).



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