Congrats, Enrique & Raymond!

September 13 2004

Today (or yesterday, technically), the Streetsport 2004 070 City Games basketball finals were being played on Spuiplein. I didn't go myself (well I did�but late�when everybody was gone), but apparently Enrique did, won the tournament with his team, and received MVP honors.

I met up with him on Bakkersplein from which we headed to Tram 2 Court in order to play some more streetball. There were not as many people as usual (probably because the sky looked like it was going to rain all day), but there were enough to play 4-on-4. The players that were there weren't the best I know either, but I had fun nonetheless; not in the last place because I was playing rather well. I made some of my best passes of all time.

While Enrique and I were walking home (a bit earlier than usual, because some guys left and it was getting kind of chilly), I walked by the window of a living room where I saw darts playing on tv. I realized it was the Bavaria World Darts Trophy 2004 finals that was being played between the sympathetic Martin Wolfie Adams and fellow Dutchy Raymond van Berneveld (he lives in this very city, actually). Luckaly, I was home in time to see the last few sets, and Barney taking home the victory (again).

Two of my friends from school called, and asked me to join them to the EX-IS exhibition in het Paard. It sounds like fun, but I'm not really in the mood. I'll see them tomorrow (or today, in a couple of hours, actually), as it will be the first Monday of school for this season (shrug).