The First Day of ACJ's Season 2004/05

September 7 2004


Today was my first official day of the 2004-05 season at the Royal Academy of Arts: only to pick up our roster, but nonetheless. (By the way, why is the site down, Petr?)

This meant I had to set my alarm clock … early (8.30). This probably wouldn't have been as much as a problem if it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't manage to fall asleep before 6:30 or so. (Not really surpising, as it's been part of my rythm lately (being awake at night, that is.))

When I woke up, I was hungry for coffee, Lythium, and perhaps some Prozac; but I decided to make a sandwich instead. That was a good idea—I felt pretty good afterwards. I made myself ready, and headed to the Academy.

When I arrived at the Academy (7 minutes late … nothing seems to have changed, still), I was very pleased to see two of my school buddies, and even moreso for the very warm welcome that they gave me. Inside, I was pleased to see that I was still recognized by many, and received some more warm welcomes (and handed out an equal amount, of course).

My buddies and I went to our all-to-familiar class room (since we're repeating the year), where I received and handed out even more warm welcomes. (There seems to be a pattern here?) All of us as a group were welcomed by Michel (one of the (better) teachers at the Academy), and we were provided with our roster for … the rest of the year‽ (I sure hope that don't expect the same kind of fanaticism in planning ahead from me.) Michel made some rather poitless comments (no offense—you had to say something), and that seemed to be it for the day.

Two of my classmates and I (I'm in the most awesome class I could imagine, by the way) quickly put together a nice working spot, and then we did what's in our nature; we headed to a bar in town.

Under the enjoyment of some coffee, we talked about everything and nothing, and looked at some summer vacation pictures. As people had made (other) plans for the day, they statedly dripped off, leaving me and two of my closest friends from school. This is when we somehow started discussing my disorders (anxiety, depression, and the fundament of it all; ADHD). I didn't initiate it, but I was the one talking the most; which—at some points— got pretty scary. (Anxiety tends to build when I'm digging deep.)

At some point, one of my friends had to leave because she'd have driving lesson later, leaving two of us. We (I) talked a lot about ADHD (much in the general sense of it, also). It was interesting, but also tyring (the max. 2 hours of sleep, only 2 slices of bread, and the Rosé we had switched to weren't exactly helping either. I decided to head home and get some rest for basketball practice later in the day.

A very positive day thusfar.

HTM = Hating On Me

HTM actually stands for Haagse Tram Maatschappij (The Hague Tram Service … no, not HyperText Markup), but they're Hating On Me.

After a very shortlived nap (my mom got home and we got in a big arguement right away (yes, while I was trying to sleep) … I'll spare you the details), I put on some basketball clothes and went to shoot some hoops outside. It was going very well and felt pretty good. After some time I left in order to attend a training with The Jumpers.

I got on the bus, put down a twenty, and asked for two zones. The bus driver said he didn't have change for that (which is silly, because it's really not that much, and besides, I wonder whether it's even legal for them to reject such a small sum). I said I didn't have anything smaller, and I remembered having said this a few times before years ago on which the drivers then said I didn't have to pay at all. This one did not: he told me to change elsewhere. At that time, in that neighborhood, with no stores around? I don't think so.

So that was it then: I got off the bus and headed back to the street court near my house, where I played with two local kids I know for the rest of the evening.

Conclusion So Far

So that makes for a big complex positive, and a trivial little negative for this day. The most important aspect is, though, that it looks and feels fairly familiar and trusted—which is exactly what I've hoped for; to pick up my old life (albeit with some adjustments).

Tipping It Off With A Happy Note

Happy Birthday, Tim and Google! (Two of the most intelligent and promising entities in the world Silly grinning anime smiley..)



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