Microsoft, razors, Prozac

January 30 2004

Last night — while I was working on my website — Windows crashed. Slightly annoyed and waiting for CheckDisk to do its thing, I booted my Xbox with NBA Street Vol. 2. I was having a rather good game, and was in the middle of my second or third Level 2 Game Breaker, when it happend ... the game crashed. Please stop making me hate computers, Microsoft, thanks!

My mom got me this new Mach 3 Turbo, which made me decided to take off my long standing beard... and with success! I already favor it over my Wilkinson Sword FX after a first try. It felt a bit weird at first, but I was pleased to notice that it didn't get clogged at all (something my other razors do instantaneously).

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with the doctor at eleven. I don't know what to expect from it, really. I'll just go and see from there... Please don't cut me up for scientific research, please! I'll probably end up with subscriptions for theraphy and Prozac (like the rest of my family, heh). I love the bittersweet irony of Prozac dot com its slogan; Welcome to Prozac. By the way, their online test just adviced me to show the results to a doctor. Nah... I'll express my complaints my own way, I just did the test because I enjoy doing online tests.

I hope I didn't scare people too much with the title of this log. Heh.