...and all was bliss

January 20 2004

I feel pretty good today — unlike the past few days. I woke up several times, but kept dozing off. I finally got out of bed around 7 PM. Usually I feel like shit then, but I had a lot of energy. I had diner and went to play some street basketball. It went really well. It's one of those days where I play like a pro. I might be attending an indoor training on thursday. I hope I'll feel good that day, and will have the energy and finesse that I had today.

My site has been doing surprisingly well today aswell... hits-wise. It seems like my css Zen Garden design boosted traffic with roughly 1,250 percent... and that is not a typo. I also — finally — have global coverage (my other websites got that in a fraction of the time it took my home page, heh). I really want to do more css Zen Garden designs... not because I want to lure more people to my home page, but because I like the site so darn much.
Dave for president.

I released a new episode of Utterly Random last night. I'm pondering whether Utterly Random should be a section of this (personal) website, or Fragile-Minds.com. Hmm.