ACJ Profile v0.1

January 8 2004

I just wrote a little profile to which I will be linking via the head of my HTML documents, untill I have written a new (better) version. The profile explains the custom IDs (id), classes (class), and relations (rel) I use in my HTML documents. This profile will not replace, but join the URI to the XFN profile (code below).

<head profile="">

I uploaded 11 small photo albums to They're probably not very interesting to look at if you don't know me or any of my friends personally, but feel free to take a peek anyway. People that study at the Royal Academy of Arts might see a lot of familiar faces.

Earlier today I played some basketball outside. The court was wet from the rain, but I was enjoying myself anyway. I felt pretty good today, better than yesterday even. Some girls asked me to go out for a drink at night, but I decided to stay home, still. I did have a couple of nice drinks, though.