Inflammation, basketball, muse

January 4 2004

I have a very bad cold with inflammation of the throat again... I don't know how many times that makes it in a period of 12 months — I lost count. I've been feeling a bit better mentally the past few days though. I've been listening to some music again, I drew a little, and worked on my websites a bit.

I also played basketball in the freezing cold outside for hours yesterday (don't worry, it didn't intensify my cold). Though it was freezing quite literally (I think is was 4 below Celcius), it was good weather to shoot some hoops (no wetness, and hardly any wind). Enrique and I had a lot of energy and played pretty well — I hit a lefthanded skyhook from 3/4 of the court, and Enrique a righthanded one from half-court immidiately after mine. I sure am looking forwards to the summer where we will attend street basketball tournaments, and perhaps even organize some. Once the sun starts shining again, we will also be able to make some good footage for our website that I will be building.

Though I was feeling a bit better, I decided not to go our or attend any parties quite yet. My friend Suzan threw a house party yesterday. I'd loved to go, but I think I did the right thing by staying home at night.

I had a dream about my muse last night. The most sensual thing I've experienced in a long time (it was not very sexual or physical though).