Creative Submissions

January 3 2004

Kintaro I finally created a new piece of Mortal Kombat Fan Art yesterday. It'd been a while since I drew anything that actually exceeded the level of blobs and stick characters. I was planning on drawing Spawn fighting Scorpion, but I ended up with another Kintaro portrait. I only worked on it for and hour and a half or so, but I'm pretty content with it. I decided to put it on my own page in the Fan Art section of Mortal Kombat Kourier, and submit it to MK5.ORG's Fan Art system as well.

I received an email from David Shea concerning my css Zen Garden submission, Emmakade. He said it's one of the more accomplished minimal designs he'd seen, but that there were some layout issues in Safari, Firebird and IE on Mac. I was aware of the issue with Safari, but had no idea this was the case for Firebird and IE on Mac as well. It seems to be more of an Mac issue than any specific browser issue. Anyway, told him I will 'fix' the thing, and so I will.