ACJ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Some of these question might not actually be asked that frequently but are here for the sake of having a faq. For more technical questions, see de idee van vragen (in Dutch).


What is this shit site?

The personal website of Alexander Christiaan Jacob, founder of deIdee, et al. It is a means of expression and experiment, and might not be particularly useful to anyone other than the author (me).

[A question in a language other than Dutch or English.]

I do not understand what you are saying.

This is urgent!

That is not a question. You wait.


A/S/L (Age/Sex/Location)?

39/male/The Hague, Netherlands (or—alternatively—Mimesia).

What are you religious/political views?

None of your concern. In case you were about to tell me yours: don’t bother. I don’t care. I’d much rather talk about art, science, philosophy, or pretty much anything else (including nothing).

Would you like a drink?

Finally… yes!


Will you work for us?

Not full-time, no. However, I might be available for work on projects. Feel free to contact deIdee for inquiries.

Can I work for you?

We do not have any specific job openings, but we might be able to use a helping hand. Feel free to contact deIdee for an appointment.

What does a website/corporate identity cost?

About the same as a car. That means they run from about a hundred to literally millions of dollars. It all depends on your wishes. Contact deIdee for a proper proposal.

Will you do my homework?



What powers this website?

Creativity and electricity, mostly. Also, I lamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and―in this case―php) and Web standards (html, css, svg, et al).

Does this website use a content management system?

Yes, but my cms is custom made and not in the public domain or even for sale. If you would like your own custom made cms, please contact deIdee.