ACJ’s Accessibility

Even though this website is a rather personal means of expression and experimentation, I still would not like to exclude anyone that is interested to visit. Hence, various measurements are taken to make sure everything is accessible. Note: this does not mean everything (or anything) is useful to you.


Images on this website are smaller than 150 kilobytes, unless noted otherwise. I try to provide relevant alternative texts and descriptions to images when possible. Decorative images are handled by css. Vector illustrations are marked up with svg. (This goes for most of my websites.)


The background of the BODY is slightly off-white, and the color of the text is slightly off-black. This should give you enough contrast, but not too much. The background of the website, and the color of the buttons and hyperlinks differ between pages, and change over time. They are selected in such a way it should be clear which parts of the page are interactive.

Access Keys

Various keyboard short-cuts are defined for this website. The exact mechanism to trigger them depends on the Web browser and operating system you’re using. It usually involves use of the Ctrl, Alt, or ⌥ Opt keys.

1 *First section of current page
2 *Second section of current page
3 *Third section of current page
4 *Fourth section of current page
5 *Fifth section of current page
6 *Sixth section of current page
7 *Sevent section of current page
8 *Eighth section of current page
9 *Ninth section of current page
c *Canonical address of current page
g *My Glossary
iMy index (
t *Top of current page

* These access keys are applied to LINK elements, rather than A elements. This is not supported by most web browsers. Firefox is a notable exception.


Further reading on the subject of accessibility and related issues.