Return of the stuff

March 2 2005

After a year or so, I have broken with my trent of removing stuff from my weblog, and actually (re)added some things. They might not be equally usefull, and I'm not sure if/how long theyre going to stick around.


This one is the most likely to stick around.

Previously, one could only access older weblog entries by accessing the permalink of a recent entry, and use the link navigation (which ist widely supported) to dig back entry by entry; using the search function to look for specific content; or by iri-navigation (which, I think, is pretty much reserved for the web/tech-savvy).

Since these are exactly the three ways of navigation I useand this is my personal siteI could live it. On the other hand, I always realized this is an accessibility no-no, as a lot (read; most) web users are more of the clickylinkytype.

Hence, I present to you a calendar that provides a link to the current year, current month (well, the last year and month in which a new entry has been posted to be exact), and links to all days on which entries have been posted. I might decide to include links for each individual entry (again), but I will probably reserve that for the monthly archives. Note: I broke the yearly and monthly archives with the re-install of my cms. Tsk tsk! I will get to that soon.


I read about hCards several months ago, and played around with it for a bit. However, I didt really see its benefits (especially over rdf/xmlvCards and actual vCards.)

Tonight, Tantek basically gave green light tonight, which means it has a chance of coming of the ground now. Itll be interesting to see where it goes. Thus, I present to you, my hCard:

<address class="vcard">
 <a class="url fn n" href="" xml:lang="nl">
  <span class="Given-Name">Alexander</span>
  <span class="Given-Name">Christiaan</span>
  <span class="Given-Name">Jacob</span>

Note that I do not use my family/last/surname (online), and that I have three given names. (If you think the syntax is incorrect, please do tell me.) Im considering putting up some style rules for the vcard class (display: inline, perhaps?).

Im also considering incorporating this method in the address I have on my Home page, whichin a senseis based on a similar concept. Heck, consider this snippet from the current markup; doesnt it just beg for some spans n classes?:

<address id="of_acj">of <a href="/ego/" rel="Author" rev="made">Alexander Christiaan Jacob</a></address>

P.S. I think this is the only occurrence of the span element on this site.


Concluding, I brought back my bloggercode to public domain. That is to say, my bloggercode from May 2004. I havent checked if its still completely accurate yet.

B4 d++ t+ k+ s+ u f i o x-- e+ l+ c-